Immuno-Oncology Expression Assay

Comprehensive Menu of IO Expression Profiling Assays

Sirona Dx collaborates closely with leading platform providers and secured early access to advanced technologies to offer a comprehensive menu of IO expression profiling assays to explore tumor immunobiology and identify new biomarkers. Our scientific team can help guide you to the assay(s) that best align with your requirements.

IO Expression Profiling Assays

Assay Platform Key Features




170- genes Includes genes for identification and functional analysis of immune and cancer cells including markers found in defined T cell subsets, cytokines and chemokines and markers of immune regulation and immune cell fate

  • Customize with up to 17 additional markers
  • Input 10 – 50 ng
  • Cost per sample $

PanCancer Immune Profiling Panel



770 genes from 24 different immune cell types, common checkpoint inhibitors, CT antigens, and genes covering both the adaptive and innate immune response

  • Input 100 – 300 ng
  • Cost per sample $$

True Seq RNA Access



Whole transcriptome coverage
Detect both known and novel features in a single assay

  • Input 100 ng – 1 ug
  • Cost per sample $$$