Reference Laboratory Services

Sirona Dx is an Ion Torrent Certified Service Provider, offering an extensive suite of Next Generation Sequencing capabilities with the Ion PGM and proton systems.

Targeted resequencing enables the interrogation of specific genomic regions in a high throughput and cost-effective manner.

Sirona Dx CLIA Laboratory is a Life Technologies certified service provider for Ion Ampliseq Exome Sequencing. This certification indicates that our sequencing data is of the highest quality and is generated with the fastest possible turnaround time.

Sirona Dx provides state of the art SNP Genotyping (single-nucleotide polymorphism) services using the Life Tech Quant Studio Real-Time PCR instrumentation. This platform not only detects the amount of fluorescence through each cycle of polymerase chain reactions, it confidently distinguishes between more ambiguous genotypes. It also provides the option of real-time data, allowing for higher sensitivity with lower DNA input, more accurate analysis of results, and faster turnaround time.

Pharmacogenomics involves detection of variations in genes that helps identify sources of inter-individual variability in drug response, both effectiveness and toxicity. These genetic differences in metabolic pathways that affect the individual's response to various therapeutic drugs make it possible to individualize therapy.