SNP Genotyping

Our Laboratory offers SNP Genotyping (single-nucleotide polymorphism) services using the Quant Studio Real-Time PCR instrumentation. This platform not only detects the amount of fluorescence through each cycle of polymerase chain reactions, it confidently distinguishes between more ambiguous genotypes. The instrument provides high sensitivity with lower DNA input, accurate analysis of the results, and faster turnaround time.

Our  team uses Taqman assays to perform SNP genotyping. These asays are mixtures of allele-specific primers and minor groove binding probes that identify polymorphisms by generating a fluorscent signal to indicate the presence of either or both targeted alleles.

SNP genotyping applications include;

  • Providing insight into the molecular basis of disease,
  • Pharmacogenomics,
  • The ability to link genetic variations with phenotypic changes.

Performance specifications include:

  • Both 96-well and 384-well plate options
  • Simple workflow
  • Low reaction volumes require little input DNA
  • Shorter run times allow for higher throughput of samples