Immune Profiling and Immune Monitoring Services

Are you confident that your current immune profiling method is giving

you a complete picture of immune response?

Sirona Dx Human Immune Profiling and Immune Monitoring Services offer a new standard in immune profiling with unparalleled capabilities. By utilizing state of the art CyTOF technology in combination with the Maxpar Direct 30 antibody panel and an automated software with advanced sample-specific QC metrics we precisely and reliably quantify 37 immune cell populations in peripheral whole blood or PBMCs.

Our services are ideal for clinical and translational researchers studying immune-mediated diseases including cancer, autoimmune disease, infectious disease, asthma and allergy.

  • No more need for PBMC isolation! 
  • We can now measure all key protein markers directly in whole blood before and after treatment of patients with drugs.
  • Conserve your limited and precious samples - we require less sample than flow cytometry - only 270µl of whole blood
  • Customizable – ability to add 7 more markers of your choice, for a total of 37 biomarkers simultaneously measured. 
  • Highly consistent results between sites, instruments and technicians.
  • Detailed report summary identifies 37 immune populations, the number of cells per population, the percentage of total intact live cells, and the percentage of the parent cell population, as well as QC metrics.
  • Cancer samples: leukemia, lymphoma  
  • Autoimmunity, transplantation 
  • Monitor blood from patients with chronic inflammation neurodegenerative diseases and more


Sirona Dx Immune Profiling and Immune Monitoring Services


Profile 37 immune cell populations from PBMC or whole blood with an optimized 30-marker panel. 


Obtain analysis results independent of
user proficiency and manual gating bias.


Add markers and build a custom, automated data analysis model.