Hyperion, Imaging Mass Cytometry (IMC) Services


Sirona Dx is opening up the next frontier for single-cell explorations to fuel your next discoveries. We are pleased to offer highly innovative services for spatial analysis of the tumor microenvironment (TME) using Imaging Mass Cytometry.

The Sirona Dx team has extensive experience designing and employing large antibody panels for Imaging Mass Cytometry. 

When designing your study you have a choice to:

a. Use one of the pre-designed panels or

b. Ask us to tailor a customized panel to perfectly fit your needs. 


Additional Services include:

o New antibody conjugation and verification

o Tissue processing: sectioning, pretreatment and staining

o Image acquisition using precise laser-directed capture & detection with CyTOF® technology

o Image analysis using secondary analysis software tools to help you:

  • Identify & quantify cell populations in tissue (cancer stem cells, exhausted T effector cells, etc.)
  • Neighbor analysis and cell social network to evaluate TIL, etc.
  • Evaluate targeted biomarkers for preclinical and clinical samples 
  • Classify patients based on tissue biomarkers.   

We invite you to learn more about our exciting mass cytometry services on the pages below.  Should you have any questions or suggestions please contact us directly.


Immune Portrait™ TME 34+5 panel

Join the spatial revolution to explore the next frontier in tissue imaging with the Immune Portrait TME 34+5 IMC panel. 

This highly optimized IMC panel enables comprehensive analysis of the tumor microenvironment at a sub-cellular resolution featuring:

  •  34-marker TME/I-O panel for interrogating tumors 
  • Cell types include: 

                          o Stromal and Vascular cells 

                          o Adaptive Immune cells  

                          o Innate Immune cells  

  • Also includes markers for immune checkpoint proteins and T cell exhaustion 
  • Customizable – ability to add 5 more markers of your choice   

Please contact us for more information.

Applications of IMC™ include:

o Biomarker discovery and Immuno-oncology

o Inflammatory and autoimmune diseases

o Neuro-immunology

o Characterization of tissue microenvironment

o Therapeutic response

o Drug safety and toxicity

o Oncology