Oncomine Focus


A solid tumor next-generation sequencing assay for biomarker analysis

The Oncomine™ Focus Assay is a targeted, multi-biomarker assay that  enables you to target hotspots, SNVs, indels, CNVs, and gene fusions  from DNA and RNA in a single workflow.

Designed for clinical and translational cancer research, the Oncomine  Focus Assay leverages Ion AmpliSeq™ technology to enable robust  results, low input amounts, and analysis of low quality samples, and is  compatible with FFPE fine needle aspirates and core needle biopsies.


  • Simultaneous detection of hundreds of variants across 52 genes relevant to solid tumors
  • Targets relevant hotspots, SNVs, indels, CNVs, and gene fusions from DNA or RNA in a single workflow
  • Includes solid tumor genes targeted by on-market oncology drugs and published evidence
  • Content driven by the Oncomine™ Knowledgebase, which includes content aligned to approved therapies and indications


  • Reproducible and sensitive detection of variants across multiple cancer types
  • Compatible with as little as 10 ng sample, including FFPE fine needle biopsies and core needle aspirates
  • Enables results from up to 6 samples per run for DNA and RNA in a single workflow
  • NGS results in days rather than weeks, leveraging Ion Torrent™  sequencing technology and the Ion S5™ System or the Ion PGM™ System
  • Includes Ion Select consumables and reagents manufactured to rigorous standards in our ISO 13485-compliant facility