Targeted Sequencing Panels


We Offer the Following Targeted Sequencing Panels

  1. Oncomine Cancer Research Panel is the most comprehensive cancer panel available
  2. The Ion AmpliSeq Comprehensive Cancer Panel provides complete  coverage of over 400 genes frequently implicated in cancer including  KRAS, EGFR, FLT3, PTEN, TP53 and many others.
  3. The Ampliseq Cancer Hotspot Panel v2 offers a focused and cost  effective approach to identify cancer variants, targeting approximately  2,800 COSMIC mutations from 50 oncogenes and tumor suppressor genes.
  4. The Ion Ampliseq Inherited Disease Panel provides coverage of the  coding regions of 300 genes that are implicated in over 700 inherited  Mendelian diseases.
  5. Custom Ampliseq Panels can be designed to target specific genomic regions of interest.
  6. Disease Specific Cancer Panels.  

Disease Specific Cancer Panels:

Colorectal Cancer:

  • Multiplex Solid Tumor panel, including KRAS, BRAF, PIK3CA and CTNNB1
  • Microsatellite instability
  • Mismatch Repair Protein Expression by IHC (for MLH1, MSH2, MSH6, PMS2)
  • Lynch Syndrome Sequencing panel (MLH1, MSH2, MSH6)

Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer:

  • EGFR
  • ALK translocation (FDA-approved FISH probe)
  • Multiplex Solid Tumor Panel, including KRAS, ERBB2/HER2, BRAF, PIK3CA, CTNNB1 and NTRK genes
  • ROS1 (FISH)
  • RET (FISH)

Malignant Melanoma:

  • BRAF
  • NRAS
  • cKIT
  • GNAQ & GNA11 (ocular melanoma)

GI Stromal Tumor (GIST):

  • cKIT with reflex to PDGFRA
  • BRAF (for wild-type GIST)

Breast Cancer

  • HER2 (FISH)
  • PTEN (IHC)
  • PIK3CA
  • AKT1

Gastric Cancer

  • HER2 (FISH)

Endometrial Cancer (Endometrioid type)

  • PIK3CA
  • PTEN (IHC)
  • Multiplex solid tumor panel, including PIK3CA, RAS genes, BRAF, CTNNB1


  • MGMT methylation
  • IDH1&IDH2

Bladder Cancer

  • FGFR3

Thymic Carcinoma

  • cKIT

Development Pipelines

  • Oncomine Cancer Research panel
  • Breast/Ovarian Cancer Panel