Capillary Electophoresis

The Sirona Dx Clinical Laboratory offers capillary electrophoresis using  the U.S. Food and Drug Administration-3500xl Dx Sanger sequencing  platform to detect and identify fluorescence-labeled DNA we offer  precise capillary electrophoresis. Standard four-color fluorescent  labeling, where each color represents one of the four DNA bases, is  widely recognized as the preferred detection method for automated  capillary electrophoresis platforms. Using capillary electrophoresis,  our scientists can provide you with faster results and high-resolution  separation.

Capillary electrophoresis is an analytical technique that separates  ions based on their electrophoretic mobility, with the use of an applied  voltage. The electrophoretic mobility is dependent upon the charge and  size of the molecule. The rate at which the particle moves is directly  proportional to the applied electric field: The greater the field  strength, the faster the mobility.

Neutral species are not affected; only ions move with the electric  field. If two ions are the same size, the one with greater charge will  move the fastest. For ions of the same charge, the smaller particle has  less friction and overall faster migration rate.

Sirona Dx offers:

  • In-vitro diagnostics for HLA
  • Fragment analysis (microsatellite analysis) (non FDA use)
  • de novo sequencing and re-sequencing (non FDA)

3500xl Dx specifications:

  • IVD (21CFR) compliant system can be used for data intended for FDA submissions
  • IVD (21CFR) validated system software that provides real-time data collection, security, audit and electronic signature features
  • RFID (radio frequency identification) for tracking key consumables and record administrative information
  • IVD labeled reagents
  • 24-capillary array with thermal system design for demanding DNA fragment analysis