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CyTOF® / Mass Cytometry Services

Sirona Dx is a pioneer in the development of high parameter assays for proteomic single-cell profiling using CyTOF® technology. Our extensive experience in the design, optimization / validation and support of clinical studies with CyTOF will ensure you achieve the most informative study outcomes.  

Our methods and approaches minimize sources of technical variation including workflows that allow for the simple and convenient collection of whole blood samples rather than PBMCs. This simplifies processing requirements and the need for elaborate expertise at the site of sample collection. Samples can then be shipped on dry ice from sites worldwide to our CLIA accredited facility in Portland, Oregon.

Select a pre-designed CyTOF assay from our menu or leverage our deep custom panel development expertise to build an assay that captures all unique study requirements.


Comprehensive end-to-end CyTOF services include:

  • Panel design – up to 45 markers in a single assay
  • Custom antibody conjugation and verification
  • Panel optimization and validation (if required)
  • Assembly of sample collection kits
  • Sample processing
  • Data acquisition

Advanced bioinformatics support to:

Identify & quantify cell populations and functional states

Evaluate targeted biomarkers for preclinical and clinical samples

Classify patients based on biomarkers.

Contact us with your requirements and the Sirona Dx team will discuss the options and determine the best approach for your study.


CyTOF Panel Options

For suspension Mass Cytometry:

•• Use one or more of the pre-designed panels listed below or
•• We can develop a customized panel to perfectly match your needs.

Please contact us for more information.

CyTOF Pre-designed panels include:

  • Maxpar® Human Immune Monitoring Panel, 29 Markers
  • Maxpar® Human PB Basic I Phenotyping Panel, 7 Markers 
  • Maxpar® Mouse Sp/LN Basic Phenotyping Panel, 6 Markers
  • Maxpar® Human T-Cell Phenotyping Panel, 16 Markers
  • Maxpar® Human PB Phenotyping Panel, 17 Markers
  • Maxpar® Mouse Sp/LN Phenotyping Panel, 16 Markers
  • Maxpar® Human T-Cell Phenotyping EX Panel, 10 Markers
  • Maxpar® Human Intracellular Cytokine I Panel, 11 Markers
  • Maxpar® Signaling I Panel, 7 Markers
  • Maxpar® Mouse Intracellular Cytokine I Panel, 8 Markers
  • Maxpar® Human HSPC PhenoEXPanel, 7 Markers
  • Maxpar® Cell Cycle Panel , 5 Markers
  • Maxpar® Human B-Cell Phenotyping Panel, 12 Markers 
  • Maxpar® Human PB Basic II Phenotyping Panel, 7 Markers
  • Maxpar® Human AML Phenotyping Panel, 15 Markers
  • Maxpar® Human Mono/Macro Phenotyping Panel, 15 Markers
  • Maxpar® Human Helper T Cell Phenotyping Panel, 15 Markers
  • Maxpar® Human Treg Phenotyping Panel Kit, 13 Markers
  • Maxpar® Human ES/iPS Phenotyping Panel 
  • Maxpar Human T Cell Immuno-Oncology EX Panel, 8 markers
  • Maxpar Complete Human T Cell Immuno-Oncology Panel
  • Maxpar Basic Human T Cell Immuno-Oncology Panel
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