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Mesoscale Discovery

The Meso Scale Discovery platform provides high-quality data for a diverse variety of biological assays. The system uses non-radioactive, electrochemiluminescent labels, conferring significant advantages over traditional ELISA assays including lower background and improved sensitivity and dynamic range.

The MSD platform facilitates the detection of up to 10 analytes from a single sample and supports a large selection of single and multiplex kits for profiling biomarkers, cell signaling pathways and other applications.

The platform is used to support studies of biomarkers, immunogenicity, pharmacokinetics (PK), cell-based assays and lot release testing, as well as for the bioanalysis of cell and gene therapies including the evaluation of antibodies to specific HLA haplotypes expressed by allogenous cell therapy and immunogenicity assessments for the vector, transgene, and lipid nanoparticle used in these compounds.


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