Imaging mass cytometry /Cytof® Imaging

Sirona Dx is a pioneer in Imaging Mass Cytometry™ applications for digital pathology, allowing highly multiplexed immunohistochemistry (IMC) to provide simultaneous measurements of up to 37 protein markers in FFPE, frozen tissues or cell preparations (liquid biopsies). Our world’s first IMC™ service offers unmatched, powerful and quantitative, high-parameter tissue imaging to support pharmaceutical companies with their biomarker discovery and drug development programs. 


Sirona Dx combines the state-of-the-art Hyperion™ Imaging platform with a powerful image analysis software and expert IMC™ scientists from the leading laboratories in the field to help you characterize the tissue microenvironment, evaluate targeted biomarkers for preclinical and clinical samples and classify patients based on tissue biomarkers.  The Hyperion™ Imaging Mass Cytometry System from Fluidigm uses metal-tagged antibodies combined with CyTOF® technology to simulataneously image up to 37 protein markers in a single scan, enabling in-depth characterization of protein biomarkers as well as measurement of signaling, hypoxia and immune markers. Our experienced team offers expertise for clinical protocol design combined with a variety of customized reporting, clinical trial site training and investigator support. 


o Antibody panel design 

o New antibody conjugation and verification

o Tissue processing: sectioning, pretreatment and staining

o Image acquisition using precise laser-directed capture & detection with CyTOF® technology

o Image analysis using secondary analysis software tools to help you:

o Identify & quantify cell populations in tissue (cancer stem cells, exhausted T effector cells, etc.)

o Neighbor analysis and cell social network to evaluate TIL, etc.

o Evaluate targeted biomarkers for preclinical and clinical samples 

o Classify patients based on tissue biomarkers. 

Applications of IMC™ include:

o Biomarker discovery and development

o Immuno-oncology

o Inflammatory and autoimmune diseases

o Neuro-immunology

o Characterization of tissue microenvironment

o Therapeutic response

o Drug safety and toxicity

o Oncology