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our mission

To Accelerate the Pace of Cancer Immunotherapy and Targeted Therapy Development by:

•Bridging the Divide Between Pharma and Advanced Life Science Tools Companies

••Deriving Maximum Information from each Sample Utilizing Advanced Multiplex Platforms

•••Optimizing Sample Quality & Supporting Pharma Regulatory Requirements within Our CLIA Laboratory

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Featured Platforms & Services


Mass Cytometry (CyTOF®) and Imaging Mass Cytometry (IMC™)


We have embraced mass cytometry platforms from Fluidigm to support high parameter protein profiling assays of individual cells in suspension (Helios™) as well as multiplex tissue imaging (Hyperion™). immunotherapy immuno oncology

NanoStrings Multiplexed RNA, miRNA & DNA, Single Molecule Counting with Digital Barcodes Technology


The nCounter® platform provides a  cost-effective solution for  multiplex analysis of up to 800 RNA, miRNA, DNA, or protein targets. without amplification, cDNA conversion or library prep. immuno oncology


Oncocyst PD-L1


Oncocyst PD-L1 is an assay using IncellDx technology that detects and  quantifies abnormal bladder cells and immune cells from urine cytology  specimens that express the immune-oncology marker PD-L1 using  multi-parameter flow cytometry and bioinformatics. The new high throughput assay is non-subjective and can be  performed in less than 3 hours. immuno oncology immunotherapy

Targeted Sequencing


Sirona Dx is an Ion Torrent Certified Service Provider, offering an  extensive suite of Next Generation Sequencing capabilities with the Ion  PGM and Proton systems.

Targeted sequencing enables the interrogation of specific genomic regions in a high throughput and cost-effective manner. immuno oncology

About Us

Why Our Lab


Sirona Dx is a technical CRO, founded to accelerate the pace of targeted therapy development. Bridging silos between diagnostics manufacturers and translational clinical research our clinical service laboratory offers specialized high complexity genomics and proteomics services supporting pharmaceutical companies with their drug discovery and development programs. 

How We Help


Sirona Dx operates a CLIA certified facility and collaborates with leading platform providers including ThermoFisher, illumina, Fluidigm and nanoString to secure early access to advanced technologies. We offer a comprehensive menu of high parameter immuno oncology expression profiling assays to explore tumor immunobiology and identify new biomarkers. immunotherapy CRO

Experience the Difference


Our experienced team offers expertise for clinical protocol design combined with a variety of customized reporting, clinical trial site training, and investigator support. 

We have the industry's most comprehensive offering of Mass Cytometry and Imaging Mass Cytometry assays and our leading expertise in the extraction of RNA from challenging sample types including FFPE enabling our pharma clients to profile more of their precious samples. immuno oncology immunotherapy


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